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Credit and background check required


RV must be within 10 years old, in great condition and is subject to Manager’s approval


Monthly rent includes water, sewer, electric, and garbage services


All forms of insurance are the Renters’ own personal responsibility


The trailer or RV must leave the park no later than the last day of the 3rd month and may return immediately for a new site assignment


Guest herby acknowledges and agrees that Guest’s and RV are permitted for a short term vacation stay only.  Agreement is one of a property owner renting a generic RV parking space on a temporary, short term basis. No permanent residence situations are allowed or implied under any circumstances. This agreement does not create a tenancy or residency or any other real property right in favor of Guest.

Extended Stays are placed along Row D on the campground (please reference the campground map for the location of Row D. Row D is rented on a month to month basis. 

There are limited spaces designated for extended sat camping. If the reservation system shows no availability in the extended-stay row please contact the camp office ( 903) 572-5935 to check for other availability.

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